"An utterly absorbing account of life on the edge of the African jungle, on a mountainous dairy farm, where lions and leopards and rhinoceros and elephants are casual callers. No account of content can capture the charm of the book, the humor and naturalness of the telling. People who cherish the memory of FROM AN AFRICAN FARM will welcome this. The author is the wife of a retired brigadier general, now serving the government in British Central Africa, Tanganyika Territory."  - Kirkus Reviews    


A re-printing of the original 1933 book, currently out of print and with precious few copies in circulation. Hand-bound in Ukrainian leather.


Pre-sales copies are available directly through Xistis Press.

A Foxhall Editions Publication
Paperback | $19.95 Trade | £105.95 | €135.95
148 x 210 mm | March 2018


"My Farm in Lion Country," Joyce Boyd