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On his long rambles throughout the English countryside, Alfred Watkins might have cast himself as visionary man of future technologies, seeing his primary task that of an early landscape photographer, camera technician and inventor, and author of a leading camera manual.  Yet his work tracking the ancient ley lines of the British Isles has a far greater interest today and might offer, at the end of the day, an archeological contribution rivaling the great archeological discoveries of his peers. Watkins’s way of seeing the landscape in the 1920s was through the lens; contemporary media technology and apparently ‘ancient’ landscape and culture converge compellingly. This is his first book and contains text from his 1921 lecture on the subject and 20 plates of photographs was published under the auspices of The Watkins [Photographic] Meter Co.    

A re-printing of the 1922 original. 

A Foxhall Editions Publication
Paperback | $19.95 Trade | £13.95 | €17.95
148 x 210 mm | December 2017

"Early British Trackways," Alfred Watkins